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ARTC Script Archive

This is where ARTC scripts can be found once they are final, approved, and in the correct format for production. There will be a special section for scripts that are in the workshopping process.

If you are trying to download a script, find the one you want and click on it. You will be asked for a username and password at that time, which you may obtain by contacting a member of ARTC.

Unless you are trying to upload a script or otherwise edit the wiki itself, ignore the "log in" button in the upper right corner.

If you are an author trying to upload a script, you may find this documentuseful.

All content is copyright by its creators or Atlanta Radio Theatre Company. By posting, or requesting to have posted, your script on this archive you are granting a non-exclusive license to perform said script to Atlanta Radio Theatre Company.

ARTC Script Template in WORD format
ARTC paper script list

Tales From the Dark River 2

The Father-Daughter Dance by Ron N Butler
Molly Michaelmas and Her Steam Shovel by Ron N Butler
Morgue Man by Wendy Webb
That Night on the Raft by Brad Strickland

The Advent of ARTC (formerly known as Festive Winter)

In progress

Script Author Director Editor Video Rec Deadline
Behind the Macabre - Episode 7: Krampus Jeff Hunt Paige Steadman TBD Nov 29
Día 1 Retta Bodhaine Retta Bodhaine TBD Nov 29
Festival of Lights Paige Steadman Paige Steadman TBD Nov 22
The Great Latke Showdown of 20 Aught 9 D. Lee Miller Bill Ritch TBD Nov 29
Hanukkah Handover Paige Steadman Robert Drake TBD Nov 29
The Last Night Stephen Kaplan Chris Jones TBD Nov 29
The Legend of the Poinsettia Brad Strickland Retta Bodhaine TBD Nov 22
Oh, Tannenbaum Mark Harvey Levine Chris Jones TBD Nov 29
Rudolphium Cyd Hoskinson Retta Bodhiane TBD Nov 22
The Saint and the State Ron N Butler Chris Jones TBD Nov 8
Fallen Angel - Six Feet Under the Mistletoe Ellie Cook Ellie Cook TBD Nov 29
Sleigh of Unspoken Dreams Kelley S. Ceccato Robert Drake TBD Nov 29
Snow Monster Ron Pullins Bill Ritch TBD Nov 29
Unresolved Mysteries:The Christmas Visitor Ron N Butler Alyssa Fitch TBD Nov 22

Videos Turned In

Script Author Director Editor Foley Rec? Edited?
Auld Acquaintance Ron N Butler Rosi Ringham TBD N N
Are You Lonely Tonight? Thomas Fuller/Daniel Taylor Retta Bodhaine Xtina Pierce-Tomlin N N
Christmas on the High Seas Jonathan Strickland Retta Boadhaine Brian E Smith N N
Christmas Rose Kelley S. Ceccato Paige Steadman TBD N N
Merry Christmas, Santa Claus Paige Steadman Paige Steadman TBD N N
A Very Special Hanukkah Special Steve Harvey Levine Paige Steadman TBD N N

Studio Scripts

The Probability Broach

Character List
Chapter 1 - "The Police State"
Chapter 2 - "A Dead Man Saved My Life"
Chapter 3 - "From these Humble Beginnings"
Chapter 4 - "Creative Instability"
Chapter 5 - "Death and Taxes"

Beyond the Wall of Sleep
Rory Rammer, Space Marshal
Lady Sherlock - Episode 02 - The Case of the Woman in Red
Lady Sherlock - Episode 03 - Lady Holmes Meets Frankenstein Lady Sherlock - Untitled Ep 04


Scripts submitted specifically for the Coffeehouse series can be found in this section.

ARTC Authors

Elisabeth Allen Lawrence Barker David Benedict Thomas Berry
Khayman Bliss Retta Bodhaine Ron N. Butler Kelley S. Ceccato
Ellie Cook Henry Lee Forrest Thomas Fuller Cass Gill
Cyd Hoskinson Chris Jones Doug Kaye Daniel W. Kiernan
Fiona K. Leonard Mary Marshall Gerald W. Page Brian Phillips
William Alan Ritch Tony Sarrecchia Dave Schroeder Paige Steadman
Brad Strickland Jonathan Strickland Daniel Taylor Wendy Webb

Other Authors

Augustus Baldwin Longstreet Robert A. Heinlein Rudyard Kipling
Michael Kurland Katherine Kurtz H. P. Lovecraft
H. Beam Piper Terry Pratchett L. Neil Smith
Robert Louis Stevenson H. G. Wells Jules Verne

Series and Serials

Adventures of the Armadillo An Atlanta Christmas Blues for Johnny Raven
Bumpers Crossroads Cautionary Tales for Grownups The Challenges of Brave Ragnar
The Adventures of the Crimson Hawk Dash Cardigan Fallen Angel
Geoffry Stanhope, Investigator of Occult Phenomena The Jane Handley-Page Show The Long Road
Mildly Exciting Tales of Astonishment Paranoirmal Encounters Nairobi Jack Rackham
Nikki's Place Rory Rammer, Space Marshal Terra Tarkington, Interstellar Nurses Corps
Tropes Unresolved Mysteries, Solved While U Wait Will Ward, Science Wizard

Drafts and New Scripts for Consideration

Elisabeth Allen

Billy Barefoot

David Benedict

Retta Bodhaine

Ron N. Butler

Kelley S. Ceccato

Ellie Cook

Thomas Fuller

Jeff Hunt

Gary Joris

Paul Landri

Madison Martin

Stephen Miller

Rosi Ringham

Dave Schroeder

Brian Smith

Paige Steadman

Brad Strickland

Non-ARTC Projects

The Blood Crow Stories