Nairobi Jack Rackham

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The Lost Gold of the Atlantimengani written by Thomas Fuller
01 Hunter's Rest 02 Visions of Atlantis
03 Into the Interior 04 Zandari
05 The Locked Gate of the Zandari 06 Lair of the Hidden Ones
07 Atlantimen Lestros 08 Enter the Highest
09 Whom the Gods Would Destroy 10 All That Glitters is Poison
11 Golden Fleets and Black 12 Pythos Rising
13 God Quake

Scanned production scripts

2015 Rehearsal/Recording Notes

Another Season Nairobi Jack - Season treatment
Thomas left these notes, although this season bears little to no resemblance to the first season. If this is to be a continuing series, we may wish to revisit some of these themes, concepts and events to ensure that we stay true to the original vision.