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Original Author

Plato's Cave: Down and Out in the Elysian Fields
The War of the Worlds: The Untold Story (retelling of 'The War of the Worlds' by H. G. Wells)
A Case of Abuse
Resurrection Eve



Standing Peachtree
The Triumph of Natural Justice
Chief Burnley's Geography Lesson
On the Wheel of Justice
Infinitely-Regressive Insurance: The Time Machine
SWATting the Books
Ask Mr. Omniscient
Necronomicon Pages
Elmer Fed
The Big Payoff
Worst. Halloween. Evar by Ron N. Butler (2.0, retitled from "Halloween and Taxes")
Cliches Anonymous by Ron N. Butler

Fake Commercials

Soft Rock Cafe Commercial
Lovecraft, Derleth, and Leveau
Hooked on Phonics Commercial
Cygnus X-1 Black Hole Garbage Disposal Commercial
Future Lives Progression Clinic Commercial
The Shield of Gabriel


Holmes and Watson Intro


H. P. Lovecraft

The Call of C'thulhu
The Colour Out of Space
The Colour Out of Space - TECH
Beyond the Wall of Sleep

H. Beam Piper

Time and Time Again
He Walked Around the Horses

Lone Star Planet

Episode 1 Episode 2 Episode 3 Standalone - 60 minutes
Episode 4 Episode 5 Episode 6

Desmond Warzel



Rory Rammer, Space Marshal

Created by Ron N. Butler

Volume 1
The Island of Dr. Marceau The Last Vampire The Phantom Menace The Lance of Justice The Planetoid of Doom
Volume 2
The Colour of the Shadow Over the Mountains of Madness Out of Space Murder by Meteor The Martian Mafia
The Angel of Destruction The Mystery of the Mummified Martian
Volume 3
Eye in the Sky The Asteroid of Love The Green Man's Burden Slaves of the Zombie-Tron Queen of the Spaceways
In Production (alphabetical)
The Atomic Graveyard Cattle Pen of the Republic The Cosmic Cycloplex
Enemies Within Enemy of the People The Last Boojum
Luna Shall Be Dry! Madhouse in the Sky The Meteor Surfers
Murder at the Purge OR The Man Who Was Trotsky The Murder of Skip Sagan Rory Rammer-Pirates of Planetoid P
Runaway Rockets Set Loose the Dogs of Time A Vist From St. Rex
A Visit From St. Rex-2017 special edition The 5000 Year Old Radio SF Writer (bridging) Rory Rammer: XTCU (bridging)

Rafe Rathbone: Sir Isaac's Monocle

2017 Production Notes

The Three Galaxateers

Unresolved Mysteries, Solved While U Wait

Loch Ness
The Great White Hunter
Terror on the Prairie
A Very Special Creation
Past Lives Regression
Stealth UFO Abductions (standalone)
Unresolved Mysteries: UFO Abductions part 1
Unresolved Mysteries: UFO Abductions part 2 Unresolved Mysteries: UFO Abductions part 3

An Atlanta Christmas

Created by Thomas Fuller

Unresolved Mysteries:The Christmas Visitor The Saint and the State The Gold Star
Auld Acquaintance The Experts

Nikki's Place

Created by Gerald W. Page
In a Bit of a Jam
As Good As His Word

The Adventures of the Crimson Hawk

Created by Thomas Fuller

Dark Hero Part 1 Darkness Rising Part 1 The Widow's Web Part 1
Dark Hero Part 2 Darkness Rising Part 2 The Widow's Web Part 2
Dark Hero Part 3 Darkness Rising Part 3 The Widow's Web Part 3
Dark Hero Part 4 Darkness Rising Part 4 The Widow's Web Standalone

Bumpers Crossroads

Created by Daniel Taylor

Bradbury's Funeral Home

Standalone Collins' Best Commercials

Collins' Best Laundry Detergent
Collins' Best Coffee: Presidential Press Briefing
Collins' Best Relaxer

The Jane Handley-Page Show

Inhuman Rights
The Most Pierced Man in America
The National Endowment for Space Art


ARTC Commercial: Political Talk Radio
ARTC Commercial: Public Radio
ARTC Commercial: Music Radio
ARTC Commercial: Consumer Advice
ARTC Commercial: Spanish Language
ARTC Commercial: Morning Drive Time
ARTC Commercial: Norwegian Hee-Haw