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Customize the sidebar

To customize the MediaWiki:Sidebar on a wiki, you need first to be logged in with a user that has the editinterface permission - for administrators this is enabled by default.

Then, use a link to a page on your wiki, but replace your wiki page's title (e.g. Main_Page) in the URL/Address bar with MediaWiki:Sidebar and load that page - you should now see the current content of the sidebar. (You may need to use the syntax //yourdomain/yourwiki/index.php?title=MediaWiki:Sidebar&action=edit if you use long URLs.)

More information can be found on the MediaWiki Manual page.

File List Search

For some reason the search function on the File List doesn't work. This appears to be a known issue for the developers of MediaWiki, but it hasn't been fixed yet. A workaround I discovered on a forum is to leave off the leading character of the word you're searching for. So, for example, if you wanted to find all the scripts of Brave Ragnar you could search for agnar. If you want to find "The Passion of Frankenstein" you could search for assion. No idea why this works, but it does. This will be useful if you're trying to upload a new version of a script.

Embedding pages into other pages

To cut down on the amount of editing that needs to be done when cross referencing scripts (in the case of adaptations or serials), it is possible to embed the contents of one page into another. So, for example, for "Nairobi Jack Rackham" there is a list of scripts on the series page, but the scripts are mirrored onto Thomas Fuller's page since he wrote them and created the series.

If changes need to be made to the way the scripts are presented it would normally be necessary to edit both pages, but by embedding the contents of "Nairobi Jack Rackham" into "Thomas Fuller" it need only be edited once. This can be done by using the code {{:PAGENAME}}. So in this case it would read {{:Nairobi Jack Rackham}}. If you wish to exclude sections of the page (such as rehearsal schedules and other temporary information) use the tag <noinclude> and its corresponding closing tag </noinclude>.